#1 What Every Parent Ought To Know About Cerebral Palsy, Interview With Shriners Surgeon, Dr. Jon Davids

By: Meena Tadimeti Contributor to specialneedsinmycity.com @SNinmycity It’s here!  Parents, educators and caregivers, your questions and concerns have been answered.  Here is the much-awaited recording of the interview you’ve asked for with Dr. Jon Davids, M.D. on caring for and managing children with Cerebral Palsy. Whether you’re in the early phase of managing your child’s CP or well into it, you don’t want to miss this informative, powerful and kind-hearted interview with Dr. Davids.  Array of Questions From Parents, Educators  & Therapists About Managing Children With CP:  How do you define Cerebral Palsy • What causes it • Does genetics play a role •  Does.

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